DISINFECT plus eliminates SARS-CoV-2

Using the revolutionary DCX-technology, the Austrian company DISINFECT plus decontaminates protective masks, rooms and entire buildings in minutes. Thereby the highest level of disinfection, log 6, is achieved. This has been proven by a large scale trial of the Styrian Hospital Company KAGES at the end of march. DISINFECT plus is immediately and on a grand scale applicable. An adequate number of staff and devices is available.

„We are able to decontaminate masks, that previously had to be troublesome washed, dried and disinfected in order to be reused, immediately“, Fabian Wellschmied, speaker for the Viennese company DISINFECT plus. „We achieve the highest level of disinfection, log 6, as the realized large scale trial of the Styrian Hospital Company KAGES has proven. And: we can be deployed immediately and throughout Austria“ underlines Wellschmied. As an expert, Dr. Klaus Vander, medical director of the Institute for Hospital Hygiene and Microbiology at KAGES in Graz, has implemented the test: „Our large scale trial, which has been scientifically documented and realized at the end of March, has shown that the technology can reliably decontaminate also all types of used protective masks, without leaving any residue. The procedure is also approved i.a. by the Robert Koch-Institute. By now, we can process 8,000 masks a day. In times like these, this is an important milestone to counter delivery delays and meet the growing demand. The masks are thus reusable, which saves the general public immense costs as well.“

Ultrasound and dry steam for total purity

Thereby, DISINFECT plus is bringing the internationally acknowledged decontamination technology DCX to the market on a grand scale. Based on ultrasound, the DISINFECT plus device generates a very fine and disinfectant dry steam. The special feature: The dry mist consists of a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and silver ions which penetrates even the smallest corners as well as the interior of technical devices. The result is a comprehensive deep cleaning, in which rooms and entire buildings can be disinfected up to the highest sterilization level log 6 within a very short time. Previously used methods usually reach a sterilization level of log 3 to log 4. Wellschmied: “This technology enables us to disinfect all types of rooms and entire buildings in a very short time. Where wipe or spray disinfection is far too complex, not possible or simply not sufficient, we can provide a complete sterilization.”

From masks to entire hospitals and supermarkets

All viruses, bacteria, spores, fungi and pests are completely eliminated on a biological basis – even multi-resistant hospital germs and SARS-CoV-2. The technology can be used in hospitals, doctor’s practices, pharmacies and care facilities as well as in supermarkets and all kind of shops, restaurants, offices and in vehicles. Another advantage is, that the inventory can be left in the room during treatment without difficulty. In this way, medical devices, air conditioner or sensitive high-performance computers are completely decontaminated as well.


Dr. Ludwig Kaspar, vice chief of the Austrian Health Academy, which supports DISINFECT plus in technical matters, emphasizes: “This extremely innovative and effective technology is of immense importance – also and especially for hygiene in the hospital sector. Because of my many years of experience as an internist and intensive care doctor, I appreciate this technology particularly.”

Well prepared through the crisis

The technology was in high demand and successful even before Corona times. “Since the pandemic broke out, the demand for this process has almost exploded. Now and in near future, there is an enormous need for the decontamination of rooms, buildings, devices, equipment – above all protective masks – and much more. We are very pleased that we are able to offer an important contribution here,” says Wellschmied.

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