New standards in the field of hygiene technology

Until now there has been no technology which guarantees both a high level of disinfection and a gentle impact on people and surrounding materials. With the DCX-process this market gap has been closed and a unique technology has been developed. By using dry steam, rooms and entire buildings are disinfected with log-6 standard in a short time.

The centerpiece of this innovative technology is the acceleration prism developed and patented by DCX. Ultrasound transducers oscillate a specially developed liquid, which creates bubbles that implode during the transition from air to water. This creates aerosol particles that are filtered by the acceleration prism. Thereby only the smallest parts, the microaerosols with a droplet size of approx. 1μm, can get into the environment. The result is a so-called dry steam that does not leave condensation on materials and devices and therefore does not damage them. Due to their small size, the microparticles can easily burst the cell surface of microorganisms and completely kill bacteria and germs.

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