Our tests show that DISINFECT plus can make a significant contribution to hygiene safety. The unique decontamination process is an environmentally friendly, highly effective technology for combating nosocomial germs and multi-resistant microorganisms.

DI Gabriele Ettenberger-Bornborg, BA

Social Network & Knowledge Management
Austrian Research Institute for Chemistry and Technology

Hospital infections are a socio-political issue. In Austria, year by year approx. 2500 patients die because of direct or indirect consequences of nosocomial infections. It is time to break new ground. DISINFECT plus is a first step into the right direction in order to act actively against nosocomial infections and to improve the hygienic situation in hospitals.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Franz Allerberger

President of the Austrian Society for Hygiene, Microbiology and Preventive Medicine

Nosocomial infections are a serious problem in health care. Until now there has been a lack of awareness of this problem and of a corresponding technology to annihilate germs in a simple, comprehensive and sustainable way. With the development of DISINFECT plus, a milestone was set in the field of hospital hygiene. The innovative technology can annihilate germs and improve the quality of treatments significantly.

M.D. Karl Hellemann, M.Sc.

Specialist in clinical-chemical laboratory diagnostics
Expert for hygiene and microbiology

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